General Information & Policies

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Class Schedule -

  • Monday Adults – 6:30 to 8pm (All levels welcome)

  • Tuesday Aiki-Teens - 6:00 to 7:00pm

  • Tuesday Aiki-Budo - special courses intermittently presented

  • Wednesday Adults - 6:30 to 8pm (All levels welcome)

  • Thursday Open Mat - 6:00 to 7:00pm - all welcome for practice session

  • Thursday Aiki-buki  - 7:00 to 8:00pm - Aikido weapons class, Adults and Aiki-Teens welcome

  • Friday Clinics - special clinics intermittently held

  • Saturday Adults– 8:30 to 9:30am - Adult and Aiki-Teens welcome

  • Saturday Kids – Class #1: 9:30 to 10:30am. Aiki-teens are welcome to participate!

Fee Structure

New Adult Students

  • First Time on the mat is FREE.

  • The Beginners’ Fee is $60 and consists of 10 lessons which can be taken at any scheduled time and is without expiration date.

Full Time Adult Students

  • Monthly fee is $70 for unlimited scheduled classes in the month

Part Time Adult Student

  • For advanced students with erratic work schedules we offer 5 anytime scheduled classes for $50.

Kids’ & Aiki-Teens Classes

  • First Time on the mat is FREE.

  • $60 for 8 scheduled classes

  • As we accept new students on ongoing basis, the Fee is prorated to the number of classes remaining in the course.

Family Discounts

  • We offer a 50% reduction of the Lesser Fees for each Family Member,

  • For example, an Adult (1 month) with 2 Kids (each a full 8 week course) would pay $70+$30+$30=$130, instead of $190 .

Special Classes

Special Classes such as Aiki-Protect, Aikido Clinics, and Kubaton courses may have additional fees identified in advance of the event.

Waiver Policy

  • Prior to working on the mat,a signed Waiver is required.

  • We require all Students or their Parents to provide usual identifying information,

  • Custodial permission,

  • Health information, and

  • Recognize that Aikido training has potential for injury (though this is rare)

Etiquette Policy

  • Formal policy is available for review: courteous behavior is required on the mat.

  • No aggressive or intentionally injurious behavior is tolerated.

  • The traditions of Aikido are to be respected

Anti-Discrimination Policy

It is the Shuharikan Dojo’s strict policy not to discriminate in any way as to the ethnicity, race, religion, gender, philosophy, beliefs, or personal preferences of any person who trains at the dojo, and to actively prohibit any dojo member from engaging in discriminatory conduct, whether verbal or nonverbal.