Adult Classes


Introductory Class

No prior experience necessary. Easy to moderate pace. New students will typically be assisted on one-to-one basis by a high level student or black belt sensei until ready to work with more advanced students. . Focus is on basic stance and movements (kihon dosa), safe falls and rolls (ukemi); and selected Aikido techniques.  Students begin to develop an awareness of the principles of balance and centeredness that are the essence of Aikido. Introductory course fee is $60 for 10 lessons. Go to General Information for details.


The Shuharikan Dojo hosts guest instructors’ clinics on occasion. Seminars are mixed-level classes and are available to all students. Typically these seminars focus on certain instructional themes and are designed to give students of all levels a rewarding aikido experience. Clinics are offered periodically in a weekend seminar format.

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Regular Class                               

Mixed adult class of students with some or extensive Aikido experience.  The focus is on learning and polishing basic movements, basic techniques, and falls and rolls. Opportunities to prepare for belt rank tests are provided. Instruction in proper breath techniques and Aikido philosophy is offered.  Taught by black belt internationally licensed instructors. Pace ranges from moderate to vigorous. Monthly cost is $70 per month. Go to General information for discount details.

Shugyo Classes

Shugyō (austere training) is an advanced training course with a limited instructional component. Students are introduced to meditation practice to clear the mind of everything other than aikido. The class consists of continuous jiyu-waza (freestyle) against single or multiple attackers. Students must be able to safely take ukemi (falls). Open only by instructor’s invitation. The pace is challenging and intense. No fee required for regular students.

Instructor Training Classes

Only open to Shuharikan instructors in SIAF / Yoshinkan Aikido.