Aiki-Protect Self-Protection

A Division of the Shuharikan Aikido Dojo

AIKI-PROTECT is a specialized division of the Shuharikan Dojo created to present a comprehensive curriculum of self-defense and self-protection study and training.  Recognizing that traditional martial arts instruction is not the same as effective self-defense instruction, AIKI-PROTECT is designed to train students in all aspects of self-protection: legal, philosophical, mental, emotional, and physical.  Physical instruction is based on core principles underlying Yoshinkan Aikido, the official martial art of the Tokyo Riot Police and preferred art of law enforcement and security personnel worldwide.  Techniques are modified to fit realistic needs and to achieve economy and efficiency.

The AIKI-PROTECT approach is differential.  This means that techniques and training exercises are tailored for particular groups of student so as to recognize the groups’ unique needs and limitations.  For example, although all students receive training in elements and issues common to all effective self-defense, the techniques taught to teenaged girls will differ from those taught to police officers.

For all groups, the program will provide sequential training in the two broad aspects of self-defense:
1. Avoidance of physical engagement
2. Physical engagement (including escapes)

Our general philosophy is that it is nearly always better to avoid than to engage in a physical confrontation or hostile encounter.

For all groups, we will explore the nature and development of a “personal self-protection philosophy.”  There are people who will not, under any circumstances, engage physically with an aggressor.  There are those who are willing to engage prematurely.  These responses are products of personal self-protection philosophies.  Students must discover and develop their own philosophies if their self-protection strategies and tactics are going to work in the real world.

AIKI-PROTECT presents instruction in a variety of ways: short lectures, group discussion, student readings, instructor demonstrations, and solo and partner physical training.  The most essential instructional principle is that students will learn by actually doing the training.


  • $60.00 for approximately a half-day of personal instruction and all materials

  • Group discounts available for groups of five or more


For more information and to schedule the course, contact Gordon Shumaker at