Shuharikan Aikido Dojo

St. Paul, MN   

June mini-session of Kids Aikido started June 3rd, 2017!
For details on the session please click here.  Cost for the 4-week session is $40.

Aiki-Protect Workshop
Please join us for the adult Aiki-Protect workshop on July 8th, 2017. The focus of this workshop is on practical self-protection and application of self defense techniques. For more information on the workshop click here. Email to reserve your spot!
(Include “Aiki-Protect” in the email subject line)

Everyday Carry – Kubaton Class
Mark your calendar for the summer Kubaton class offering on July 21st, 6:30 to 8:00 PM.  Registration and payment will be required by July 14th.  Please click here for more information.  Email to reserve your spot!
(Include “Kubaton class” in the email subject line)  


Adapted from Samurai sword arts, Aikido is the study of taking an opponent’s balance. Using their strength and energy against them until the attackers are neutralized and conflict resolved.  Shuharikan specializes in Yoshinkan Aikido a style founded by Gozo Shioda.

Join Us

All ages and skill levels are welcome!  Classes are taught multiple days per week.  The first class is FREE!

About Us

The Shuharikan Aikido Dojo is a certified member of the Shioda International Aikido Federation (SIAF) in the style of Yoshinkan Aikido. The SIAF is administered by Yasuhisa Shioda Soke, its president and chief instructor, and is based in Tokyo, Japan.