Shioda International Aikido Federation – Tokyo, Japan. The home site of Yasuhisa Shioda Sensei, Chief Instructor, founder, and Soke of the SIAF.  He has trained in Aikido for nearly 50 years, having begun daily Aikido practice at age 13 under the teaching of his father, Gozo Shioda Kancho, founder of Yoshinkai Aikido.

Island Aikido – Saanich, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The dojo is led by Fred Haynes Shihan, 7th degree black belt (who was a direct student of Gozo Shioda in Japan for 6 years)

Georgetown Aikido – Georgetown (Toronto), Ontario, Canada. The dojo is led by Jim Stewart Shihan, 7th degree black belt, co-founded Seidokan Georgetown, Canada in 1990 together with Fred Haynes, Alister Thomson, and Gordon Blanking. The dojo is also celebrating 25 Years in Georgetown!

Sowakan Dojo – Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. One of two dojo headed by Keith Taylor, 7th degree black belt – Chief Instructor and Head of Dojo

Sokushinkan Dojo – Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. One of two dojo headed by Keith Taylor, 7th degree black belt – Chief Instructor and Head of Dojo

Shuyokan Dojo – Costa Mesa, CA. The dojo is led by David Dye Sensei, 4th degree black belt.  Dye Sensei is a retired Costa Mesa Police Officer, who retired in 1997, after serving 31 years.

Makotokan Dojo – Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The dojo is led by Steve Nickerson Sensei, 5th degree black belt.  Nickerson Sensei served 12 years in the Canadian Forces and retired in 1999 and received the Canadian Decoration (CD Medal).

Rising Sun Martial Arts Supply – St. Paul, MN, USA. Noted as “One of the few complete Martial Arts Supply store in the Twin Cities.”  They are “committed to providing quality martial arts supplies for anyone from the casual collector to the advanced martial artist.”.

Merrick Community Services – St. Paul, MN, USA.  Founded in 1908, Merrick Community Services has improved the lives of the residents of the East Side of Saint Paul by empowering individuals, strengthening families, and promoting their independence.