Current Session Flyer
Our current session information can be found here.
Drop-ins to the current session will be accepted and fees will be prorated for the number of remaining sessions.

Information on our next session (Starting in March) will be posted soon!

Want to have your child’s birthday party at Shuharikan?  Found out how here.

Our Kids Class Mission  –  Join Us!

To provide children a program for personal growth, Red Belts stilldeveloping understanding, and building positive relationships by exploring and enhancing their physical and creative gifts and abilities through Yoshinkan Aikido.

Safe and Secure Studio

Our dojo is located one block from United Hospital in a safe commercial neighborhood.  We believe in keeping danger at a distance by ongoing surveillance of our personal space. This is taught in class and practiced by the training staff. We do not provide information regarding ourstudents to anyone other than the formally identified guardians.  Parents are always welcome to observe class and to participate as students.

Our Sensei

Our curriculum director of the Kids Class is Jon Sharratt, and the entire teaching staff takes part in teaching the Saturday classes.  Please see the Teachers page to find out more about who we are.

Jon and KidsOur Kids Teaching Method

Kids Class sessions are designed to engage the physical, intellectual, and emotional resources of our charges as we encourage them to have fun playing with one another. Our small group approach to teaching can be chaotic, but we believe that flexibility allows the younger and less focused students to stay interested as they learn from the teachers and, very importantly, from their older cohorts during aikido training and game playing.Leaving Dojo