Join us on Thursday nights at 7:00 PM for Aiki-Buki class!

Buki (weapons) is the study of movements and techniques with various wooden weapons such as the bokken (sword), jo (short staff) and tanto (knife). In depth Buki classes are offered periodically. The buki portion is taught by Jim Nolan Sensei.

No prior aikido, martial arts or weapons experience is necessary.

Shuharikan Buki (sometimes referred to as  “Sticks”) explores the use of a variety of implements including the walking stick, cane, hanbo (half staff), jo and other serviceable short sticks in various martial traditions of self defense. This course utilizes methods of aikido, bartitsu, and other forms to study striking, pins and takedowns.

This course is offered in the context of low impact training so students don’t take falls, rolls, takedowns, etc.  If you are interested in the buki specific sessions email and use “buki course interest” in the subject line.