Introductory Course

No prior aikido or martial arts experience necessary. New students focus on kamae (posture), kihon dosa (basic movements), ukemi (safe falling and rolling techniques), and kihon waza (select basic techniques ) found in Yoshinkan Aikido. The intro course often provides new students with one-on-one instruction from experienced students and/or licensed instructors with focus on the principles of balance and centeredness that are the essence of aikido. The pace is easy to moderate and is taught during the regular adults’ class. The introductory course is offered at $60 for 10 class sessions.


Regular Class

Mixed adult class taught by licensed black belt instructors ranging from beginning to experienced aikido students. Focus involves learning and polishing kihon dosa and kihon waza and learning safe ukemi. Also advanced techniques and jiyu-waza (free-style) are taught during the regular class. Opportunities for belt rank tests provided as students progress. Aikido philosophy and esoteric elements such as breath control, connection, and development of mind and spirit are also explored. The pace ranges from moderate to vigorous. Most regular classes offer a good workout for our students. The regular class offers unlimited training for $70 per month.